Symfony Framework

We prefer to use Symfony Framework over others because of the varied advantages. While some of them are more forthright, others are hidden pros and you get to understand them only with experience. To begin with, not all PHP Applications are as reliable as Symfony.

The fact that it is a free to download and use software, only loosely guided by a public license, as opposed to so many other similar programs that are strictly company licensed, makes it all the more feasible for programmers to make constructive use of the framework. Herein lies the inherent preference for the Symfony Framework, web application framework that was envisaged by the Fabien Potencier, initially released in 2005 and thereon so many different updates and versions have come in.

Also, the presence of certified online forums where webmasters, coders, programmers, team leaders and other categories of Symfony Framework Users get to interact with one another, share vital information and resolve queries, makes Symfony a widely preferred network for its specific offerings.

Since we are discussing its advantages, we should also tell you that there is no particular operating system that is only compatible with Symfony; on the contrary, it boasts of cross-platform compatibility, which gives it yet another pro. If you are wondering if the use of Symfony Framework is restricted only to lone users, freelance webmasters or small companies who cannot afford to purchase fully licensed, more expensive software, you are quite mistaken.

Here are several leading online entities and big companies that have gone ahead with its usage openly. Some of them include:-

  • OpenSky Online Shopping Platform
  • Vogue Paris Online
  • Yahoo
  • E Republic
  • Laravel
  • Silex
  • Metic
  • Dailymotion website

Ajax Programming Is The Future

Visualize a web application with seamless data transition. Irrespective of the speed, distance or volume of data being sent or received, the web page remains intact and fully functional, with all its features in order. That is the power of Ajax Programming, which is definitely one of the wonders of the future.

Of course, this does not prescribe to a specific technology or coding language as such, but a cluster that is potentially a strategic mix up of HTML and CSS. The use of Java Script can also be observed in this regard, and despite the bulky nature of files, full page reloads are largely avoided, thanks to Ajax. So far we have spoken about the positive aspects of Ajax and how much potential it holds for the present and future. But we should not forget the fact that there is a lot of scope for further work and research in this dimension. And that is where we come into the picture.

As members of the Ajax online community, we share the responsibility of taking this research ahead to create better, more responsive and super-efficient systems that simplify and exemplify online experiences at different levels.