Copyrighting Services Versus Content Writing Services

It is natural for first-timers not to be aware of the stark difference between copyrighting and content writing services. But you might be surprised to know that this difference is not known even to many seasoned professionals in the IT sector and other allied industries. As opposed to content writing, copyrighting is a highly specialized field wherein the creator of the body of work is bound by law, as far as originally creating it is concerned.

So after the copyright is established and ratified, any other writer who claims to have written a similar work will have to bear the legal consequences of plagiarizing. Then the key question arises- what about plagiarizing in the field of content writing? Is that permitted, or does it not matter? Here, I would like to tell you that yes, originality is very important in the realm of content writing as well. But there is no legal clause to it, and the only way you can get penalized when Google detects that the particular web page is a copy-paste feat. In this case, search engines like Google either penalize or block your website, or drastically bring down your rakings.

But unless and until the original writer of the work has copyrighted his original content, you cannot be legally implicated for copying the same. Finally, the last and key difference is that in case of content writing, you can smartly plagiarize a page of content or specific article/blog by re-writing it using your own different words.

As long as no five words are in succession to each other in the same order as the origin article, your content can be rest assured of being copyscape proof and search engines will not block your web page. But copyrighting is way more specialized, and you cannot double cross the original version even by rewriting, as you are held accountable by law.

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