Mogul Is Breaching Barriers!

If there’s one aspect of technology that’s breaching barriers, it is definitely the social network Mogul which was initiated by a woman and deemed exclusively for all of womankind. In addition to facilitating general social interactions like any other social media platform, you get to connect with like-minded women, get advice on everything under the roof, view trending stories, jobs, shopping options and so on.

All in all, it is a complete facilitation package for women to come together and shape the world, be it in the sphere of politics, religion, commerce, academia, IT, allied sciences, culture, philosophy and more. Founded by Tiffany Pham in 2014, the headquarters of Mogul is situated in New York, but the ability to become a Mogul member is open to all women in any corner of the globe. And the guiding premise of this social platform is that women can be Moguls, as powerful as any man and one doesn’t need the validation of patriarchy to be a Mogul.

GPS On Sprint Mogul

With the aid of Sprint Mogul which liaises with the GPS of your phone, it has become all the speedier to transfer or exchange vast amounts of information in a fraction of seconds. Don’t worry, the encryption of data and standard security protocol ensures that there can be no intrusion of privacy, or stealth of data of any kind.

On the contrary, you get to witness and make use of a revolutionary new technology that can alter your life and perceptions at lightning speed. For those of you who are not interested in spending that extra bit of money on, the option of directly relying on your Google Maps App is always there.

But for that to happen, you need to get in touch with the Mogul Team to see if your phone is compatible enough for that level of exchange. Also, the speed and level of service in terms of ease and automation will not be there. You will have to manually guide the downloading route on your app.